It all started when I saw this little bottle necklace I found at home…

The Inspiration

It was an old necklace made with rustic materials just lying around in my attic. Inside there were tiny pieces of blue stone and the top was sealed with some golden melted metal. The glass was opaque and dusty. Really, nothing special about it, in fact, it was a very humble piece of jewelry.

However, I don’t know what came over me the day I found that piece. Since then my mind hasn’t stopped creating and my hands eager to craft! Was it a magic necklace enchanted by someone, or was it just the trigger of something deeper inside me? I don’t know. I still have it, kept in a little box inside my room. My parents still don’t know where it came from which adds that exciting mystery around it.

The Magic

My jewelry crafting quest began very slowly as I had no previous knowledge of how to even put a chain on a charm! I made some experiments with the help of the internet and the results were not as bad as I had thought. But the true “DIY revelation” was when I started helping with my best friend’s jewelry shop. She was just a reseller back then but little by little she also awakened to her inner crafter. We spent some time together in that shop and there was when we started getting acquainted with how jewelry was made and what customers liked the best.

We began researching for materials and suppliers and tried to create some pieces of our own. The first ones were a little common but we were still receiving great feedback from our friends and buyers. Soon, we realized that the best designs were the ones that were inspired by our personal interests. We came up with unique designs that reminded people of their favorite stories.

However, the most important step in our quest was the finding of glow in the dark material. It was the last push we needed for transforming our jewelry into real pieces of magic!

We Love What We Do 💖

Our minds were filled with new ideas and we worked very hard to turn our imagination into reality. Eventually, with time, our pieces became local hits!

Now, after graduating, I’m working as a language teacher, and my friend as a hobbyist and reseller, but we still want to continue sharing our art with others. This time, we would like to share it worldwide!

– Anya & Paula –

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us anytime!