Essential Information on How to Use Glow in the Dark Jewelry

(Glow in the dark material is non-toxic and non-radioactive. It can be charged over and over again almost indefinitely and will keep working for over 10 years.)

Step 1

  • Put the glowing part of your jewelry piece real close to a light source (the glowing part is usually a center sphere, particles or dust on roses, crystals, inscriptions, bottle contents, cabochons, etc.).
  • Use any light bulb at home or put it under direct sunlight. Charging takes only 1-3 minutes.
  • Included with some items, there is a UV blacklight keychain/keyring. UV blacklight is the most powerful charging source for glow in the dark items. Direct the keychain’s light to the glowing part of your piece (1 minute).

Step 2

  • After charging the glowing part with any light source mentioned in Step 1, go into a very dark area (a room, a street at night, a bar, a club, etc.). There can be no faint lights in that area, as they will affect the visibility of the glow.
  • Depending on the color of the item you purchased, the glowing piece will glow for some time (please refer to BRIGHTNESS AND CHARGING below for more information on glowing periods).

Step 3

  • When the glowing starts to fade, recharge it with the keychain or with any light source nearby. Glowing parts can be recharged as many times as needed. They will never lose their power!

Brightness and Charging

The strength, brightness and length of time of the glow is affected mainly by these aspects:

🔥 Light Source for Charging

Charging to a good brightness in the shortest time, approximately 1 minute:

  • Direct Sunlight (pure and not through a glass window or reflected).
  • Blacklight Tube (long traditional tube or new energy saving ultraviolet type).
  • UV LED’s

Charging to reasonable results, after long charge time of 10-20 minutes:

  • Fluorescent Bulbs (long standard common tubes).
  • Compact Fluorescent or CFL – spiral, tube (common power saving bulbs).
  • Incandescent – standard light bulb (not the power saving type).

Takes very long time to charge with poor results and not recommended:

  • Blue/Purple LED’s (not Ultraviolet specific ones).
  • White or coloured LED’s

🌈 Color Selection

The actual color of the glow affects the brightness and length of glow time seen.
The brightness / length of glow occurs in the following color order, from best to least (all the colours have a well defined colour and work effectively. They can clearly be seen in total darkness once effectively charged and the eyes and brain are accustomed to the light level.):

  • Green (considerably brighter than other colours – over 10 hours).
  • Aqua (+9 hours).
  • Blue (+ 8 hours).
  • White (+ 5 hours).
  • Orange (+ 2 hours).
  • Red (aprox. 20 minutes).
  • Purple / Violet (aprox. 10 minutes).

✨ Brightness

  • Item will show at its brightest level for up to 10-20 minutes once effectively charged, depending on the colour, and then settle down to a duller brightness for many hours.
  • Once the initial brightness has dulled, the item will need to be viewed in a totally dark room.
  • Any ambient light will greatly take away the glow perceived by the human eye.
  • The human eye that has moved in to a dark room from a bright room will not see the glow as well as from a dimly lit or dark room until the brain adjusts for the difference.

Colored in Daylight Glow in the Dark Fluorescent UV Items

  • Some items are colored in daylight, glow in fluorescent blacklight and glow in the dark. They have a strong colour in daylight. Then they glow brightly in the same colour when viewed in Ultraviolet blacklight (the purple lights that are found in bars, nightclubs, glow parties and funfairs). Once charged with light they then glow in the dark. The better the charging light the better the glow intensity. Glow while the blacklight is turned on, and glow in the dark when the light is turned off.
  • However, these colored glowing colors don’t last as long as the white colored glowing colors and are not as bright. They can still be charged with the same light sources but their glow will fade faster.
  • (Glow best with blacklight bulbs that have a wavelength of 365nm, but will still have a glow at higher ultraviolet wavelengths and with UV LEDs).